Quy chuẩn PCB dùng để gia công mạch in

Đây là quy chuẩn phổ thông dùng để gia công mạch in, các bạn tham khảo để tránh sai sót khi đặt mạch:

ItemsManufacturing CapabilitiesRemarks
Layer1-6 layer1-6 copper layers PCB prototypes
FR-4 board material
Max. Dimension400x500mmMaximum dimension is 400x500mm
Dimension Tolerance (Outline)±0.2mm±0.2mm for CNC routing, and ±0.2mm for V-scoring
Solder MaskLPILiquid Photo-Imageable Solder Mask is the most common mask type.
Thickness Tolerance 
( T
± 10%e.g. For the 1.6mm board thickness, the finished board thickness ranges from 1.44mm(T-1.6×10%to 1.76mm(T+1.6×10%)
Thickness Tolerance 
( T<
± 0.1mme.g. For the 0.8mm board thickness, the finished board thickness ranges from 0.7mm(T-0.1) to 0.9mm(T+0.1).
Finished Outer Layer Copper 1 oz/2 oz (35um/75um)Finished outer layer copper weight is 1oz or 2oz
Finished Inner Layer Copper0.5 oz (17um)Finished inner layer copper weight is 0.5 oz only
Min. Trace3.5milFor Single&Double Layer PCB, the minimum trace width is 5 mil;
For Multi Layer PCB, the minimum trace width is 3.5mil.
Min. Spacing 3.5milFor Single&Double Layer PCB, the minimum spacing is 5 mil;
For Multi Layer PCB, the minimum spacing is 3.5mil.
Min. Via hole size0.2mm
mạch 1-2 lớp lỗ nhỏ nhất là 0.3mm.
mạch 4 lớp trở lên lỗ là 0.2mm.
Min. Via diameter0.45mm
mạch 1-2 lớp lỗ nhỏ nhất là 0.6mm;

mạch 4-6 lớp lỗ nhỏ nhất là 0.45mm.
Via To Trace5milMinimum distance between via(plated holes) and trace is 5mil
Drill Hole Size0.2--6.3mmMin. drill size is 0.2mm, Max. drill size is 6.3mm. Any holes greater than 6.3mm will charge extra fee

Hole Size Tolerance±0.08mme.g. For the 0.6mm hole, the finished hole size between 0.52mm to 0.68mm is acceptable.
Annular Ring3milAnnular ring surrounded by traces should be equal to or larger than 3mil
Min. Character Width≥6milCharacters width less than 6mil(0.153mm) will be unidentifiable.
Min. Character Height32milCharacters height less than 32mil will be unidentifiable.
Trace to Outline≥0.2mm
Ship as individual board(Rounting): 
Trace to Outline ≥0.2mm; 

Ship as panel with V-scoring: 
Trace to V-cut line ≥0.4mm
Panelization without space0mm
Panelization with space≥2mmMake sure the space between boards should be ≥2mm, otherwise it will be hard to process for rounting. 
Min. Edge Rails3mm
Copper Hatching with PadsHatchWe will apply Copper Hatching if your PCBs designed with Pads.
Slot Drawing with PadsOutlinePlease use Outline to design if there are many non-plated (NPTH) holes.
Protel/dxp Solder LayerSolder LayerDo not mistake the Paste Layer as Solder Layer.
Protel/dxp Outline LayerKeepout Layer/Mechanical LayerOnly choose one from Keepout Layer or Mechanical Layer as outline
Min. Half Hole Diameter0.6mmHalf hole is a special technology, so half hole diameter should be greater than 0.6mm. 
Soldermask Bridge/
Blind and buried vias
Soldermask Bridge/Blind and buried vias are not available now
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